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PS #5 Tech Ambassadors is open to all fourth and fifth graders who want to expand their knowledge of digital technology and improve their media skills. The club has been designed to enhance a variety of skills including building leadership and responsibility. As an ambassador for the school, students will be learning more about coding and robotics. They will also be assisting younger students on Chromebooks as well as other forms of educational technologies/programs.
PS #5 Media/Photography Club is open to all 5th and 6th graders who want to expand their literacy and media skills. Grades must reflect their academic progress with no lower than a B in major subjects. The club has been designed to have the students start taking ownership of media outlets and photography opportunities at P.S. #5.
This group will meet before school and sometimes after school.
The purpose of the club is for its members to continue to gain valuable knowledge about the cultures, customs and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries. The club meets once a month after school and it's open to 4th -6th graders. Plans are being made for several cultural field trips.
Advisor- E. Elmhasni
Its purpose is to work on several community and school service projects e.g., Thanksgiving Food Drive.
Advisors - E. Elmhasni and S. Pesantes
Will be performing at several of our school assemblies e.g., Halloween assembly.
Advisor- S. Gutwilik
Will be performing at our annual Holiday and Spring concerts.
Advisor- A. Sabetta
Skill development and competitive play against our neighborhood schools in basketball and volleyball.
Boys and Girls volleyball:
Girls and Boys Basketball: K. Visconti